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The Roman Rorschach School is now an E.T.S. Foundation as a natural evolution of the institute founded in 1938 by Professor Carlo Rizzo. From 1983, the date of his death, he entrusted Drs. Patrizia Pes and Salvatore Parisi, his students and collaborators since 1973, with the scientific continuity of the Roman Rorschach School.

Interview by Nicola Veschi (Sky) with President Salvatore Parisi

Psychology: The Rorschach test: how and why it works – Interview with President Salvatore Parisi

President’s open letter


It is with great satisfaction that we would like to inform our Members and the scientific community that the Roman Rorschach School is now an ETS foundation.

Its founder Prof. Carlo Rizzo upon his death in 1983 wanted to entrust the succession to us. After more than fifty years of activity in research and education, we felt the need to give birth to something that institutionally could continue his work; ready to pass the baton to younger colleagues animated by our same passion for the most precise and timely technique of personality investigation.
We have definite goals to achieve:

1) Enrich the Rorschach archive, of the Parallel Paris-Pes tables and the Zeta Test. With this in mind, we ask all colleagues interested in contributing to the great research on the changes in the customs of Italians from the 1930s to the present, to send the collected Tests (with or without psychodiagnosis) to the Foundation, clearly concealing the name of the subject, but with the most complete anamnestic data possible ( date and place of birth, family composition, educational qualification, profession, reason for the examination and special news); in the case of Protocols of children, the reason for the investigation is essential. Tests can be submitted on paper or computer media. We will compile a record of the names of colleagues participating in archive enrichment and the number of Protocols provided.

2) All Protocols will be computerized with the RORCOMP and the Original responses in them will enrich the database of Rorschach Interpretations, its Parallel Paris-Pes and Zulligher Test with SIGLAROR, SIGLAPAR and SIGLAZETA;

3) To order all of Prof. Carlo Rizzo’s paper records, hitherto jealously guarded by us, which include: unpublished writings and papers, epistolary correspondence, charts and drawings. This work will make it possible to acquaint young psychologists and those working in the field of psychodiagnostics with the immense cultural heritage on which the Roman Rorschach School rests its foundation. It will then be possible to create a Rorschach museum. We therefore ask older colleagues who were fortunate enough to have been trained in Rorschach by Carlo Rizzo to send us copies of Protocols corrected by Rizzo (with the errors that our Master marked with red and blue pencil).

4) Conversion of the Rorschach psychodiagnostic manual according to the Roman Rorschach School method from the current digital format (called RORTUTOR) to a textbook.

5) To implement software for testing knowledge and skills in Rorschach psychodiagnostics through the 4000 multiple-choice questions (already developed) called ESERCOMP.

6) We have activated a Rorschach Test Expertise/Evaluation service in order to ensure that our Members and experienced practitioners of the Roman Rorschach School Method can distinguish themselves from those who improperly claim to follow this Method.

As you can see, we have set important and clear goals for which we need the help of the scientific and professional community who, like us, consider and believe that Culture related to the study of ” Ink Stains ” is still the most effective means of knowing the essence of human beings.

It has been many years and several Congresses now that the IRS no longer guarantees that scientific comparison between the different Schools and Methods that used to excite and make participation in the congressional proceedings interesting. There has long been, as mentioned, an evident desire to impose as the only systems those of Exnerian derivation. In the writer’s opinion, the two proposed systems have no bearing on the traditional Rorschach, devised by Hermann Rorschach in 1921 and enriched over a century of study and research by the various Schools around the world. For these reasons, the Roman Rorschach School is no longer part of the IRS.

Our beloved Roman Rorschach School, the oldest in the world, has found the energy, strength and resources and is ready to maintain its rightful place in the national and international

President Salvatore Parisi


Letter to SRI

We would like to inform the Associations and individual members that make up the International Rorschach Society that the Roman Rorschach School from today will no longer be part of this scientific community. We attach the official document sent to the President and...

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In spite of the criticism and the obvious decline in colleagues’ interest in the Rorschach Test, the Roman Rorschach School is absolutely certain that the reagent devised by Hermann Rorschach is the best Personality Investigation Technique and, like all brilliant creations, destined for immortality!

Patrizia Pes and Salvatore Parisi

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