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The Comprehensive Personality Examination, Terni, June 15, 2024


A meeting on “The Comprehensive Examination of the Personality” organized by the Circolo ‘Il Drago’ of Terni was held yesterday in the splendid setting of the Circolo’s Conference Room at Palazzo Bianchini Ricciardi, in Terni, under the skillful direction of the Circolo’s Vice President Dr. Marialuce Schillaci, who coordinated the interventions of Dr. Salvatore Parisi and Dr. Antonio Metastasio. The occasion, held as part of the Cultural Meetings proposed by Circolo Il Drago to the citizens of Terni, was also the official christening of the first international release of the ETS Foundation “Scuola Romana Rorschach” recent transformation of the Roman School present since 1938 on the scenario of the practice and training of Italian and international psychotherapists of the Rorschach clinical test.

After a brief introduction given by Dr. Antonio Metastasio (md, mst (cantab), msc medical specialist in adult and addiction psychiatry and specialist in geriatrics) , Dr. Salvatore Parisi, president of the ETS Foundation “Scuola Romana Rorschach” as well as one of the world’s foremost experts on the Rorschach technique, illustrated to the audience the Test’s value and diagnostic capacity with numerous examples and real cases, with his verve histrionic and professional precision, interspersed with moments of sincere emotion, especially in the memory of the collaboration they had, together with Dr. Patrizia Pes, with the architect of the introduction and success of the Rorschach Test in Italy, Prof. Carlo Rizzo.

Witnessing the interest of the topic so well illustrated by Dr. Parisi, those present, including Ms. Margherita Cirillo, Incoming President of the Rotary Club of Terni, and numerous psychologists, psychotherapists and health professionals, then asked the Speaker numerous questions and technical clarifications on the administration of the test and the clinical capacity of the diagnosis.

The meeting concluded with the intervention of President Antonello Colosimo of the Umbrian Court of Auditors, who, stressing the importance of training and dissemination of the knowledge and experience gained by Dr. Parisi and the Roman Rorschach School to the younger generations of professionals and clinicians, applauded with heartfelt and affectionate words the meritorious work of Salvatore Parisi.

Congratulatory toast for the first outing of the Rorschach Roman School Foundation: from left: Antonio Metastasio, Giovanni Ceccotti, Marialuce Schillaci, Salvatore Parisi, Diana Stoica, Antonello Colosimo, Gino Capitò, Claudio Barucca, Margherita Cirillo, Francesco Mostarda, Federico Brizzi

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