Nearly a century of experience in Rorschach training

Training in Rorschach psychodiagnostics has been along with research and clinical training an important aspect of the Roman Rorschach School. Many are the psychologists and psychiatrists who have taken courses sponsored by the Institute.

In recent years, an intensive, individual or small-group teaching formula, targeted to the specific needs of participants, has been successfully experimented with.

The Institute’s own teaching system follows the lines drawn by Founder Prof. Carlo Rizzo and consists mainly of supervision of cases collected from participants.

Trainees are issued a certificate of enrollment, a certificate of attendance (showing the hours of training completed) and a certificate of completion.

In order to become an Ordinary Member with the qualification of “Expert in Rorschach Psychodiagnostics” according to the Method of the Roman Rorschach School, it is necessary to pass an examination, which can also be taken by psychologists and physicians who have not attended courses held by the Institute.

Two complete cases that will be the topic of discussion and at least ten Rorschach Protocols, four of which are complete with psychodiagnosis, should be attached to the examination application. The dates of the exam sessions can be found below.

Fall session dates: Sept. 23, Nov. 15

The examination fee is 120 euros.

To be eligible for the title of Master Expert in Rorschach Training according to the Method of the Roman Rorschach School, one must hold a certificate of a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology or a Specialization in Psychiatry, have published at least two articles on the subject Rorschach, take a “simulated teaching test” in which the subject to be covered is communicated at the time.

The examination fee is 300 euros.




Monthly meetings of 8 hours

Total duration 92 hours

Total cost: € 3,120

Monthly fee: €135




Max 15 trainees in virtual classroom

Duration: 7 months

Total cost: € 1,190

Instalmentable in 3 installments.

Course of


For those who already have Rorschach training, max.15 trainees

Duration: 24 hours

Total cost: € 350

Member Discount

Singles module: € 150



For Professional, Individual or small groups
12 Online supervised protocols
Duration: 32 hours
Total cost: € 3,450
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